Fantasy Riddles
eBook Edition

I am something you may say or do,
to test a hero and showup the fool.
Wizards know me and monsters too,
My questions entertain and so will you,
if you use me as a Dungeon tool.
What am I?
-100 Fantasy Riddles :)

101 Fantasy Riddles eBook

Nothing says "ADVENTURE" in a Role-Playing game like a good riddle!

J.R.R. Tolkien's book "The Hobbit" had riddles. The "Princess Bride," had riddles. Even Monty Python's "Quest for the Holy Grail" spoofed riddles."

Many monsters love to ask and answer riddles. (Especially dragons.) NPCs may ask riddles to test an adventurer's worthiness. Magic doors and chests may offer riddles as a way to grant access, avoid traps. The possibilities are endless.

This book contains over one hundred fantasy style (J.R.R.Tolkien like) riddles. It is designed for use where ever fantasy riddles might by appreciated. The riddles in this book are a compilation of classical riddles combined with dozens of new and original riddles added by the author. Riddles vary in difficulty from very easy to fairly difficult. Most riddles are in singsong rhyme similar to that used by Tolkien in his book the "The Hobbit." All riddles in this book refer only to subjects found in typical medieval/fantasy realms and are suitable for thinkers of all ages.

Please Note: This ebook has been book-marked in such a way as to allow the user to read the riddle and immediately see the answer, or read the riddle without seeing the answer. All riddles are also alphabetically arranged by topic for quick reference.

A few of examples of riddles found in this book include:

Four families of five are we,
but only two you normally see.
We work together and a part
to climb a ladder or eat a tart.
In two families four are rather tall
the remaining one is fat and small.
Two families have pigs small and lean,
with one big fat one to keep clean.
What are we?

I was born from the union of sky and earth
I lived with my family until death from birth.
They buried me in a casket dark and cold.
Then they sold my remains for silver and gold.
I haunted their house until my time had come.
Then my spirit did speak yet no one did run.
What am I?

When I am feeling low and perhaps hung-over
People walk all over me including their dog rover.
But when I am stranding tall my back against a door
I am like a mighty wall that won't back up no more.
Should I burn, break or fall the battle need not be lost
for with no me at all the void shall not be crossed.
What am I?

Sorry you will need to buy this book to learn the answers. :)

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